Friday, July 14, 2006

Read fine print on Chrysler's 30-day guarantee...fees

This is straight from Cars!Cars!Cars! blog on Chrysler's 30-day guarantee...this is a must read.

We're glad someone took the time to look into this 30-day guarantee that Chrysler is touting: The Detroit News reports: Chrysler's '30-day, money back guarantee: What's the catch.

Check out this arithmetic: Let's start with a restocking fee of 5 percent of the stickerprice (ouch!), add in the 50-cents per mile usage fee (yikes!), all the sales tax (what!?) plus finance fees, title, tag and registration (grrr!). Total it up on a premium ride like a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, and returning a car you just purchased for about $34,000 could easily cost about 14 percent of the total purchase price -- more than $4,600.

My Opinion: The fact is that most people don't return a new or used car, because everything is fine, but for that person or two who purchased a vehicle and for one reason or another need to return their recent purchased car, they should not have to pay up to 14% of the all in price to return the vehicle. To me, this is more expenive then renting a car for a month - one rental car company is $239 per week, thats $1000 give or take with insurance, compared to $2,300 on a $17,000 vehicle (Dodge Caliber pricing). This includes Chrysler's, Dodge's, and Jeep's...

Read the fine print on any new or pre-owned before you buy that next car including the return policy and onething, extended warrenty - look at that too. Check a buying guide for tips on that.

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Anonymous Dave T said...

When I saw that offer I knew there'd be a catch and I think most buyers do too. That's probably why this sales event isn't going so well.

4:51 AM  
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