Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dave Finds a New Home

I wanted to thank a lot of you guys who expressed well wishes after the downfall of MPH. It was nice to know the car blogging community found the magazine so interesting, even if the website never really lived up to its potential. We were working on a redesign when all the stuff went down too. Oh well.

So where am I now? I’m heading up blogging operations at a little site called

I’ll also be contributing reviews to the main page but my main focus will be the blog called KickingTires. This is a non-enthusiast site aimed at car buyers and shoppers. Expect lots of incentive news, recall notices, new model announcements, price changes etc. We’ll also highlight a lot of original content from the editorial staff here. There is actually a pretty large staff and we blogged live from the Chrysler Sebring event last week.

Stylistically I’m going for wide images often and thinning them out while trying to fit the entire car into the shot. It’s a clean look. All the photos are also left justified which I don’t love but its growing on me. Do you guys notice it at all?

If you have suggestions about the blog let me know. Also feel free to comment in the posts on KickingTires.

Also I want to apologize for not posting here as much but as you can imagine the last two months have been crazy busy. Although I somehow managed to launch two other personal sites recently and

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Should all major American racing series make the transition to alternative fuels?

By Brian from

I have been thinking about this question for a month or so now since a WindTunnel on SPEED question of the week caught my interest, it was put "Should all major American racing series make the transition to ethanol?", because of the IRL Indy Car Series will be running ethanol in 2007, but I think that this question should go alot further then just ethanol.

With Audi's impressive and history making victories at both the 12 hours of Sebring and the historical and one of the toughtest races in the world, the 24 hours of LeMans in there two Audi R10 TDI 5.5L twin-turbo diesels becoming the first diesel car in the world to win a major sports car race, the idea of using alternative fuel in all major American racing series such as Diesel which gets better fuel economy and more horsepower/torque, ethanol which does give basically the same amount of power compared to gasoline and is renewable is a great idea instead of using gasoline, plan and simple.

There is a couple of things to remember, whatever fuel that is used in Motorsports, is trucked or piped in to the speedway a head of time and is held in tanks until needed. Motorsports has the technology to use alternative fuels because everything is there, unlike street use.

Thinking about it, this option is a good idea because it free's up a large amount of gasoline for consumers to use in there cars, face it, for the next 10-20 years or so until a better fuel can be found and developed including hydrogen, gasoline is the main fuel for street use all over the United States and beyond.

One that note, I will say one thing, diesel vehicles are starting to make a come back, but with stricter government standards, automakers still have to continue finding a cleaner way to run these vehicles and in 2007, Jeep will introduce one new cleaner diesel in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but stop making the Jeep Liberty CRD (Diesel), that still leaves gasoline.

That's my thoughts - simply put, alternative fuels (Diesel, ethanol, Hydrogen and etc.) should be used in all major American racing series and gasoline should be used for consumers to drive there cars everyday on the street for now.

What's your thoughts?

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