Monday, May 08, 2006

Quickblog by

Has anyone come across a quickblog or is currently using either the free ad-supported quickblog or paid quickblog by

All of my domain names are registered at godaddy and I see if you register, transfer or renew, you get an free, ad-supported quickblog (giant ad-banner across the top) and I am considering it.

You will know an quickblog, this image is on the bottom of the sidebar. I have found a sample here.

See Yeah!
By Brian from Racedriven


Blogger Fahrgemeinschaft said...

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1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quickblog is awful. I'm not familiar with the blogging tools out there, but I just started one that I was hoping to make part of my website (using iWeb, but it didn't work). There seem to be many features in Quickblog, but few of them really work. The worst "feature" is that one can't layout the page like you want. You have to use the templates they provide. And aside from changing the title font and adding an image, I haven't been able to personalize it in anyway (can't add hyperlinks, more pictures, change font colours, etc.). So far I'm pretty frustrated. It also deleted my first entry after a week. Finally, it won't display any part of the entries, instead insisting that it display an excerpt of it (still won't display anything even though I set the default excerpt length at 500 sentences!). Anyway, I hope you find a good solution, but I can't recommend Quickblog at all.

5:21 PM  
Blogger nukemdomis said...

I use Quickblog which is the only blogging application that I've used so far.

Creative Godaddy Quickblog

9:44 AM  
Anonymous PreacherNorm said...

I use quickblog and I love it. Contrary to the previous post, I have found the wide variety of features powerful and fully functional. I use the paid service but I think the only difference is that my blogs don't have ads. You can see mine at

I get a lot of traffic on them and have never had any complaints about my visitors not being to use them.

You can also get quickblog from NWS Web Hosting, which is where I got mine,

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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