Sunday, April 16, 2006

New York Auto Show -- Part One

by Brian from Racedriven

For the past couple of days or so, I have been reading up on the latest autoshow debuts on Autoblog, Leftlane News and other blogs, plus and automotive websites, the New York Auto Show is a big autoshow for most automakers with NY being a huge market. I just wanted to comment on some these..

The biggest debuts of the New York Auto Show were:

(Credit: - Borrowed photo)

The Scion Fuse Sports Car Concept: At least its interesting, from anyway you look at this concept, it has a new style to it, it shows Scion all over it and hopefully if Scion/Toyota does build it, it will come with lots more room then the tC, I can fit comfortablily into the xA and the xB. Now, what about All wheel drive and some more power or a hybrid concept from Scion.

The three Ford Mustangs: including a California Special, a Hertz edition and a Saleen Mustang Parnelli Jones Limited Edition.You got to see these high-res photos of the 1966 Shelby 350H over at Autoblog, I love a great Shelby GT350, I put the 1st photo on my desktop that has both the 1966 and the 2007 together.

Along with a Unique Honda Element SC, a Chrysler 300 LWB and a Mitsubishi Evo X that has a killer looks.

To me, there were also two other things, Honda announcing that it is bringing to market a compressed natural gas (CNG) motivated Civic GX to New York buyers this fall and the a large sight outside the autoshow with 85 Fuel-flex vehicles including ten Suburbans and 75 Chevy Tahoes triple-parked in Manhattan (Credit:

Finally, so what about Jeep, the Jeeps Patriot and four-door Wrangler, I will cover them in New York Auto Show part two.

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