Saturday, April 22, 2006

A manufacturer pulling out of NASCAR? creating a lot of buzz thoughtout..

By Brian from Racedriven

This article "Thinking The Unthinkable." about one of the big 3 manufacturers pulling out of NASCAR has created a huge buzz and has many interested, rightnow its just a rumor to most. The first two paragraphys of the article is below:

The report: It has come to our attention that serious discussions are taking place for the first time in the conference rooms of one domestic manufacturer in particular on a subject heretofore unthinkable in Detroit. The subject? Pulling out of NASCAR. Yes, it has been mentioned before, and I have predicted it for months now - ever since the announcement was made that Toyota would be buying its way into the France family circus - but we have confirmation that not only are the discussions taking place, they're so far down the road that a timetable for a pullout has been created, taking into account the end dates of existing contracts with individual racing teams currently aligned with this particular manufacturer.

The fact that it has finally come to this is no real surprise. Several years ago, we pieced together evidence that each of the Detroit-based car companies were spending in the neighborhood of $140 million each, annually, on their NASCAR endeavors. That figure accounts for engineering and wind-tunnel work, direct payments to the teams, personal services contracts with the drivers, promotional programs, race sponsorships, advertising, etc., etc. In the Big Picture of things, when multinational companies are spending double that amount for the "privilege" of competing in Formula 1, that would seem like no big deal, but taking into account the factors that matter most to the Detroit car companies right now, that dollar figure is a very big deal. (More...)

My comments: The title says it all, it is unthinkable.. Its simply a rumor and I don't believe it. The article said it was the Car of Tomorrow, a manufacturer pulling out over the COT, I don't think so... things don't add up, Chevrolet and Ford are both multi-champions and Dodge is still growing with there Charger and winning.

BTW: I don't like the Car Of Tomorrow.

Round One Complete, what does everyone think?
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