Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Splogs: Ost Auto Blog and The Automobilist

I have published this article on both this site and at comments…

If you are looking for my past posts on Splogs including these two, the Ost Auto Blog and The Automobilist, you will not find them here or at the, I have deleted them..

In a day or so, I will be posting my response to all of the comments that were given not only here, but at Racedriven on this explosive subject, but for right now, I just want some time to think about the entire subject and a day or two off couldn’t hurt.

Also as Marc has pointed out in some comments, The Automobilist have broken no copyright laws nor the fair use act and EEF policy…who knows and…. I would still hope that everyone would still look at The Ost Auto Blog as he has broken copyright laws, the fair use policy and the EEF policy.

See Yeah!


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