Thursday, February 09, 2006

My thoughts on Splogs including the two in question.

For the past couple of weeks or so, content from not only my blog, but other blogs has been copied using RSS feed on to other sites known as “splogs”. Unfortunately, these types of so-called blogs/websites are poping up overnight, but they are also being shutdown just a fast. Recently two splogs have poped up with my content among others on them, and Ost Auto Blog (

Unfortunately in the case of, his site is NOT in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy and thats that.

But in the case of Ost Auto Blog ( is the opposite, this site IS in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy. Ost Auto Blog publishes the entire post including images and uses were the images where they are original hosted. This also calls all of use contributors to his site.. This one needs to be shutdown.

Either way you look at this subject and these sites, one thing is clear, they are not blogs or real websites, one might be classified as a directory site, but they are just popup junk with advertisements and people should pay no attention nor visit them. All we can do as real bloggers is not to link to them, encourage others to do the same, and also to discredit them by simply writing about them and making people aware of them, but not linking to them.

This is my last posting on these splogs and it is amazing to see were everyone and everything stands in the letter of the law. Finally to bloggers, just keep blogging, your original content is what people want to read about.

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Blogger Big Ford Fan said...

Well Brian, I've noticed that TheAutomobilist has stopped "scraping" my blog, and removed me from his links. But he still has you as a "Contributor."

Now OstAuto, has begun to list "Contributors" and doesn't post the entire piece on their front page, but when you click on the header, the entire post pops up on his page.

So, while we were unable to stop them, it looks like you applied enough pressure to at least get OstAuto to ammend how they do things. They seem to be giving a half effort on "Fair Use" and other guidelines mentioned by Marc.

6:37 AM  

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