Friday, February 17, 2006

The Automobilist breaks silence

Dave and other contributors to this blog, I wanted to share with you an email I recieved from Andy the owner of the Automobilist site;

Please remove this entry --
from your collective blog.
Otherwise, you will be contacted by my lawyer and sued for libel.

Now, I have responded directly to this email in the negative, that I will not remove the post in question. Simply because it is true and not slander or libelous. I'm sure it's a bluff from a man who would not respond to my emails requesting he remove my materials from his page.

As I see it, I'm just a private citizen, who doesn't own anything worth taking, so I've got nothing to loose. But in fairness, since this is not my primary page, I will let you decide if the post should be removed. If you want, you can contact Andy at ;

I will abide by your decision. While I have no further need to contact Andy, I don't want to cause friction for this site or it's members.


Blogger carscomblogger said...

first off it can't be libel unless you outright lie with knowledge of the lie and you didn't say anything untrue nor was it that negative that post was a fact finding post.

It doesn't look like they carry MPH's feed so I can't do anything. I would suggest contacting autoweek, jalopnik and autoblog. Let the big guys handle this. It is splogging plain and simple and I'm not sure what the rules are with it since it is new. It redirects every story so I'm guessing it helps the blogs it steals from too. But it also makes money from the traffic.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Big Ford Fan said...

Dave, thanks for the advice. I had emailed several sites, Jalpnik included to see if they knew about the splogging situation, but never heard back from many. None of the big sites seem to care.

So I guess that it's not necessary to remove the "offending" post?


11:41 AM  

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