Friday, February 24, 2006

Speedweeks at Daytona Part II The Daytona 500 and Aftermath

I have been waiting a couple of days or so for the Daytona 500 aftermath, you know the penities, the talk and for me, a chance to think about what just happened and he it is:

What happened? Basicly it was the Daytona 500 with its hype and some of its glory, sure it was not the 1979 Daytona 500, but it was interesting and interesting to watch, for the most part, I liked it for restrictor plate racing anyway, I hate restrictor racing, but it was a good race beyond that. Not everyone enjoyed it and that doesn’t surprise me, also what was up with Tony Stewart? Interesting…

The ups: A competive race with lots of passing all over (Not for the lead), Kirt Shelmerdine in his own #27 ride, not only made the race, but after a group of Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans in the infield gave some money to Kirk for the tire bill, Kirk came back to finish in 20th position on the lead lap, great job, $272,008 dollar payday and some strong runs by Casey Mears and the highest rookie Clint Bowyer both finished in the top 10 with Mears in 2nd. My favorite driver, Dale Jr. finished 8th and after leading the most laps 6th in points.

The downs: the #48 team won the 500 in the same car that they altered and that NASCAR didn’t impound, lame penalities for junk driving and missed calls all together. Not much passing for the lead neither.

One big thing, I congrads Jimmie Johnson for winning the Daytona 500…with that said..

The Aftermath: I liked and totally agree with Marty Smith (”Message: Delivery Failed” that says it all, Knaus got a total of four race suspendition from NASCAR and $25,000 fine, but no point lost…what?? Even Barrier received got 4 races off, a fine and 25 points off,

Knaus, you got a gift, thats nothing for a penalty, for the advantage and the #48 team keeping there primary car too, delivery failed…

One Question: Windtunnel’s Question of Week was Should Knaus be suspended for Life? If not, what should his penilty be? My answer, not life, but more than 4 races, maybe a 18 races to a year or at least consitent with Barrier’s penalties plus more for not first time offense and that includes points off…

Closing Thoughts on the 2006 Daytona 500: Good American race with lots to talk about, great runs, but NASCAR not impounding the #48 car and then seeing the #48 team win in that primary car, that just wrong, all I can say, I can’t wait for California. Keep in mind of one thing, I am a huge NASCAR Nextel Cup Series fan and never miss a race and that above is my thoughts…think about that tonight.

Brian from

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One more tactic agains Splogs like OstAuto and TheAutoMobilist

OK, I know, you're probably getting tired of this, but for those of us smaller bloggers, here is another option to fight Splogs like OstAuto and TheAutomobilist, contact Google.

Yep, it's as simple as that, contact google online, and complain about their use of your material. In the AdSense policies and guidlines, it says content of sites using Google AdSense, you are required to use original non-copyrighted materials. There are also rules about how many banners you may have and non-competative ads.

I've contacted Google through their feedback option, maybe if more people did, they would pull the ads from these sites? And if you hit OstAuto and TheAutomobilist where they live, you stop them. Sounds simple right? If they don't have the Google ads, they're not reaping in the dough and have no reason to steal.

If everyone who blogs and uses Google AdSense on their site, were to complain, then maybe they will take notice. I was going to do one of those mass emails, but felt this would reach more people.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here's something I found that may help Brian and I and possibly others with Splog problems.

This site; is a place to report Splogs like theautomobilist and ostauto. I'm also trying to figure out how to copyright my material. If anyone knows how, please email me or leave a comment here.


Friday, February 17, 2006

The Automobilist breaks silence

Dave and other contributors to this blog, I wanted to share with you an email I recieved from Andy the owner of the Automobilist site;

Please remove this entry --
from your collective blog.
Otherwise, you will be contacted by my lawyer and sued for libel.

Now, I have responded directly to this email in the negative, that I will not remove the post in question. Simply because it is true and not slander or libelous. I'm sure it's a bluff from a man who would not respond to my emails requesting he remove my materials from his page.

As I see it, I'm just a private citizen, who doesn't own anything worth taking, so I've got nothing to loose. But in fairness, since this is not my primary page, I will let you decide if the post should be removed. If you want, you can contact Andy at ;

I will abide by your decision. While I have no further need to contact Andy, I don't want to cause friction for this site or it's members.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My thoughts on Splogs including the two in question.

For the past couple of weeks or so, content from not only my blog, but other blogs has been copied using RSS feed on to other sites known as “splogs”. Unfortunately, these types of so-called blogs/websites are poping up overnight, but they are also being shutdown just a fast. Recently two splogs have poped up with my content among others on them, and Ost Auto Blog (

Unfortunately in the case of, his site is NOT in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy and thats that.

But in the case of Ost Auto Blog ( is the opposite, this site IS in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy. Ost Auto Blog publishes the entire post including images and uses were the images where they are original hosted. This also calls all of use contributors to his site.. This one needs to be shutdown.

Either way you look at this subject and these sites, one thing is clear, they are not blogs or real websites, one might be classified as a directory site, but they are just popup junk with advertisements and people should pay no attention nor visit them. All we can do as real bloggers is not to link to them, encourage others to do the same, and also to discredit them by simply writing about them and making people aware of them, but not linking to them.

This is my last posting on these splogs and it is amazing to see were everyone and everything stands in the letter of the law. Finally to bloggers, just keep blogging, your original content is what people want to read about.

Just Keep It Simple, but Sweet…

What’s Next? I hear V8 engines coming to life,
See Yeah!

Brian from

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Splogs: Ost Auto Blog and The Automobilist

I have published this article on both this site and at comments…

If you are looking for my past posts on Splogs including these two, the Ost Auto Blog and The Automobilist, you will not find them here or at the, I have deleted them..

In a day or so, I will be posting my response to all of the comments that were given not only here, but at Racedriven on this explosive subject, but for right now, I just want some time to think about the entire subject and a day or two off couldn’t hurt.

Also as Marc has pointed out in some comments, The Automobilist have broken no copyright laws nor the fair use act and EEF policy…who knows and…. I would still hope that everyone would still look at The Ost Auto Blog as he has broken copyright laws, the fair use policy and the EEF policy.

See Yeah!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Chicago Auto Show/MPH Party

Speaking of auto show meetups...
mph is having a party in celebration of the March issue's release this Friday (Feb. 10) at the Liars Club in Chicago. If anyone is in town and wants to come please do.

Monday, February 06, 2006

New York Auto Show, Metro area bloggers, do you want to meet?

Bob from CarsCarsCars! had a great idea, and I know it's early but better than waiting until the last minute. Do any of you plan on going to the New York Auto Show? If so, this would be an opportunity for "Local" bloggers to meet. I've missed only 2 or 3 shows since 1977 when I attended for the first time, at the age of 12.

Just an idea, and credit goes to Bob for this one. Email Bob or myself, or just comment here. Suggest a day and time, and decide where to meet in the show. It should be familiar territory for anyone who's been there before.