Monday, December 05, 2005

Thoughts on new blog

What is the general consensus of Leftlanenews? I've had some odd exchanges with Nick over there. He doesn't seem to think linking to sources where he got the story idea is worth it to his readers. To me that's what a blog is all about.
I know autoblog has had problems with them. But they're getting a lot of traffic.


Oh and we have new Mercedes c class spy photos. Use this image if you want to link over.


Blogger Randall said...

It's a funny story actually.
Autoblog put out a call for bloggers, and Nick was one of the applicants. He had a relatively strong blogger background (I think he started The thing was, we thought two other candidates where more of what we wanted, people actually involved with autos and the industry on a daily basis.

Nick did make it in the top twenty, but we could only pick two and it wasn't him. So, I think he started leftlanenews to 'compete' with Autoblog, pure and simple.

At first he tried to be friendly and we were friendly too (we linked to him but he would never reciprocate). Then we would get slightly hostile (desperate?) emails from him asking us to link to him on posts we researched and wrote on our own.

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Croak said...

I wonder if he thinks attribution demeans the site, or lowers its credibility, or dilutes his earning potential and readership if he provides links offsite that run the same ads and similar content. Probably all of the above.

I notice he will link to forums (much less ad competition there, I imagine, and a much more focused topic that won't steal readers from him).

As a side note, starting last week I stopped using LLN as a linked source on my BMW-related posts. I'd do the extra legwork and track down who broke the news first.

It was pretty easy to fall into that trap, he's on my RSS feed, he updates a lot during the week, and the simple fact that he did NOT attribute most posts had me thinking early on that most of his content was original.

I've learned my lesson there.

Autoblog, Jalopnik, etc, still get link attribution from me because they link back to the source. And often I'll use that link in my post, giving credit to both the "big blog" that led me there as well as the original source. I don't imagine my readers mind having more links to follow if they choose.

And one other subjective note about LLN..the posts don't have much in the way of "voice". I don't smell much passion for the subject matter there.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Croak said...

And in a somewhate ironic twist, LLN gives attribution to MPH for the C class spy photos mentioned in this post. ;)

7:33 AM  
Blogger carscomblogger said...

well I've made sure most blogs know they can't run the whole image and they need to give linakge. actually most forums now won't even allow images of spy photos, links only.

we had a whole exchange on the LLN about one topic I couldn't figure out where the info came from and LLN freaked out that I questioned it since I couldn't find any source info. I just they need to link more.

And hey we're still blacklisted on Autoblog even though we're not really competition. ;)

8:57 AM  
Blogger Big Ford Fan said...

This LefLaneNews sounds like a blog that the CarPundit found that was lifting content and reposting it. I get a great deal of inspiration for my posts from other blogs and sources and always try and refer to my source.

But this site has advertisements, and it seems wrong for them to proffit off others work. Someone should take them in the back room and advise them of the way of the world.

But what the hell do I know, I'm a Boiler man who blogs for fun

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Croak said...

LLN isn't on the same level as (which looks like it's just an RSS zombie feeding off Autoblog, Carpundit, AutoHack, and AutoIT).

LLN is just being an arse, varoomvroom is outright stealing. Though why, I haven't figured out, there's no ads on the page (yet).

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Croak said...

Ok, today LLN definitely crossed the line. It's running a story about the new BMW 1-series, based on an AutoCar first look. And his story has a scan of the magazine's "scoop" print spread.

There's a reason magazines delay putting articles up on the web, and that's because they NEED the print sales..crap like this costs AutoCar money.

12:38 PM  

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