Friday, December 02, 2005

Domestic vs. Foreign/Imports has a posted the latest numbers on November Auto sales for the major automakers. The report showed:
GM: -11.3 percent
Ford: -18 percent
DaimlerChrysler: -6.6 percent
Toyota: +5.5 percent
Honda: +6.4 percent
Nissan: -7.7 percent
Subaru: +.5 percent
Suzuki: +13.5 percent
BMW: +7 percent
Isuzu: -53.2 percent (Ouch!)

Domestics are down with Toyota, Honda, BMW and surprising Suzuki up.

So why?

“My Take” Simple put, the product and price, people are looking for QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and VALUE, including the RESALE VALUE. The differents between the two is price, domestics for the most part are a little higher sticker, but maintenance is lower with the parts being cheaper and more available, And the opposite for Foreign/Imports.

For my personal experience including looking at my family and friends, the domestics are cheaper in maintenance, (GM) Chevy’s are big in this family with 60% plus, so are Honda’s, plus a Suzuki, and others. The Foreign/Imports are more appealing in look and price, but the maintenance is a little higher.

I still prefer a domestic with lower maintance cost, but I also like a Scion xB, that’s Toyota.

One thing, Toyota and Honda are very popular in the U.S. and they are building more vehicles in the US too, more jobs. That’s a thought…

What does everyone think?

Brian Vermette


Blogger carscomblogger said...

well there is so much missing here. Kia and hyundai foremost. kia down, hyundai up.

Then the Daimler chrysler numbers are full of DCX not the Chrysler group.

Chrysler was only down 5%. not bad. that's for chrysler, jeep, dodge.

Fords numbers aren't accurate either. They were down 15% for Nov. Not sure where the 18 comes from. Lincoln/mercury, jaguar and volvo posted huge losses while the rest of the lineup was ok.

Suzuki is actually pretty much GM. And if you've driven or seen any lately they're not so bad. Toyota is bringing out lots of new models for lexus and toyota just when they need them. They're not going to weaken.

GMs numbers are pretty encourageing since most of their losses are from the outgoing SUVs and trucks. I'm surprised these numbers aren't worse all around to tell the truth. The ridgeline sales=impressive.
the RL sales?! wow. not good.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Croak said...

BMW is the big winner in that list. Anyone surprised I pointed that out? ;)

BTW, that's the sort of story, while informative, that I generally won't run...48298392048092 other car sites are running some variant of it already.

11:13 AM  
Blogger carscomblogger said...

you'd run it in regards to bmw though right? thats all youd need. I dont see bmw as a winner since their SUV sales are so so bad. especially compared to other luxury suvs which are generally up. They're lucky the 3 series is doing so well.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Croak said...

No, not even in regards to's just been done to death, and I think it's of limited appeal to my readers.

And my bad, I misread the Suzuki as a -13%, they're the gainer.

BMW's SUV sales are to be expected, the X5 is long in the tooth, the X3 is the X3 and the SUV market in general..well, we know about that.

I wouldn't call doing well with the 3 series "lucky". That car *IS* BMW, plain and simple, and it defines that market segment, so BMW plans about it very carefully. They won't take any big styling risks with it, they work hard to have substantial improvements with every new chassis iteration, and they produce a lot of variants ensuring it appeals to the widest range of buyers in that demographic..

Anyway, that's not luck, it's a clear understanding of the worldwide market, the company's strengths, and the company's heritage.

12:24 PM  
Blogger carscomblogger said...

I meant lucky they had a new 3 hitting the dealers as the 5 and SUVs sliding.
Just talking about timing.

The new 3 is an amazing vehicle. And remember its sales are just the two sedan models. Not the coupe, m or convertible!
I think the next x5 and x7 or whatever it is will do well. SUVs will rebound and flatten out. but the luxury ones will always do better.

1:11 PM  
Blogger carscomblogger said...

and I think you should post BMW #s!

1:11 PM  
Blogger Big Ford Fan said...

My 2 cents. As far as the big 3 go, it should be no surprise that sales are down. After the summers discount wars (emplyee discont, family plan etc..)

They accelerated people's purchase schedules.

5:23 PM  

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