Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bill Disher's research paper on Auto Blogging completed

Bill Disher the grad student researching Auto Blogging has finished his research paper. I know that some of you participated in his survey, and thought you may want to read his paper. It's posted on his blog here;

Interesting read, and apparently we Auto Bloggers are a unique bunch in the Blogsphere.
I'm hoping that Bill recieved high grades, it was a pleasure for me to deal with him and help in the small ways we did.

Between Bill's research blog and this blog started by Dave, I have really felt that we have come together as a real community and it feels good. Sure I'm just some guy with a blog, but here I am rubbing elbows (even if only electronically) with some really inteligent guys who I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.



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